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 Dance Artist, Interpreter, Performer, Choreographer




My language is the moving body and my practice is used as a tool of hope. Creating space to reveal vulnerability, to foster connection, care and a feeling of healing. This body has the role of remembering, 'dance as the action that collects us'. My work centres around hybridity, grief and belonging. Transforming memories and histories from colonial supremacy. To voice and empower marginalized experience.



Indo-Caribbean (Guyanese)/British Ukrainian, my ‘moving body’ echoes the fluidity and ambiguity of my hybrid identity. I score multidisciplinary, experimental, improvisational explorations, using sensation to create emotional environments. My presence in this racialized diasporic body is connected to the past, presence and the dreams of emergent futures. Creating a ritualist relationship to place and time. I hope to generate undefinable states that are sourced and shared through somatics, where non-definitive synesthetic relationships become an opportunity to connect and world build, that push at the constructs of who and what we can be together. 



Based in Tis Tkaronto (so called Toronto, Canada)

Treaty Dish with One Spoon Territory

Wampum Belt Agreement 

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Improvisation 2024

Was the Sugar Sweet? (240p).mp4

Improvisation 2019

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EXPERIENCE (Freelance Dance Artist)


2024              Music Gallery - self-directed residency 

2024              Doris McCarthy - Artist in residence (Jan-March)

2024              Toronto Dance Theatre - Plug&Play self-directed residency 

2024              Daina Ashbee - creation residency and Premiere My Tale on a Fish’s Body (Banff, AB)

2024              Lena residency - self-directed (Galiano Island, BC)

2024              Field Center (Vermont) - F.I.R.E (Forum for Indigenous Research and Exchange) 

2024              ‘Working On Working On Us’ collective - initially created by Andrew Tay

2023/24         Anxiety - new creation from Sujata Goel

2023               IAM - Visual artist Radha Chaddah Immersive 3D Light experience 

2023               Assemblies - Eve Tagney commissioned for Nuit Blanche (Toronto, ON)

2023               Summerworks Lab - LOOP with collaborator Yarro

2023               Nova Dance Tour - Svaha in Vancouver 

2023               Anandam Dance - International Choreographers Project

2023               Aisha Sasha John - Creation residency (dancer & costumer)

2022/23          Daina Ashbee - ​My Tale on a Fish’s Body creation residency 

2023                Compagnie Kunal Ranchod - film / Toronto History Museum

2023                Eroca Nicols - Costuming for group work Theytriarchy (Berlin premiere) 

2023                Danse Collection Danse - written commission by Brannavy Jeyasundaram

2022                Casa Albeirta - One month residency in Oaxaca, MX

2022                InterAccess - Terms & Expectations exhibit of Coralie Vogelaar's 'Arranging, Moving, Rotating, packing'

2022                Toronto Dance Theatre - research for Ease & Agita with Leelee eko davis and company 

2022                Nova Dance - Svaha Premiere with Bluma Appel TO Live at Meridian Hall

2022                Dent - Short film                

2022                Sketch Working Arts - Collaborative Anniversary merchandise 

2022                Toronto Dance Theatre - Short & Sweet Toronto Edition solo 'Sugar Mountain - Was the Sugar Sweet?'

2022                Guelph Dance Festival - duet with Kate Holden for Double Time

2022                Diana Ross Dream - costuming & invited guest for Aisha Sasha John's group work  

2022                Gibraltar Artscape - One month residency

2022                New Elevator Collective - Film (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19)

2022.               Toronto Dance Theatre - Micro residency with Leelee oluwatoyosi eko davis

2021                Sketch Working Arts - Vending Residency 

2021                New Monuments - Nova Dance company member with Canadian Stage, Luminato, CBC Gem 

2021                Eve Tagny - Labouring bodies (eulogy for the soil) and Landscape bodies (rewilding still lives) exhibitions 

                                                               Momenta Biennale and GALERIE DE L’UQAM

2021               Guelph Dance Festival - Short and Sweet solo 'The JuiceBox' 

2021               Nova Dance - Guest Company dancer 

2021               Artspace - Exhibition 'Attention is the Task We Share' Robin Love workshop 'On Breathe' 

2021               Public Recordings - With Toronto Dance Community Love-In 'What's Collective' project 

2021               Its Bigger Than All of Us - Piece entitled 'On Home' Publication of Kristen Jordan Alaan Sison 

2020               Gibraltor Artscape- Winter residency  

2020               Eve Tagny- Monuments aux vestiges, Small Arms building Mississauga 

2020               Antonija Livingstone- CHAUD Agora de la danse Spring 20/21, Montreal, QC (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19)

2020               Peer Learning Network- Dancemakers Programme (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19)

2020/21          Toronto Dance Community Love In- Merchandise designer

2020               Carnations publication- Christina Hajjar, Luther Konadu, and Mariana Muñoz Gomez Winnipeg, MB

2020               Amelia Ehrhardt- 3 year Creative process 

2020               Making Place Residency- At Sketch Working Arts 

2020               Toronto Dance Community Love In - Merchandise Coordinator 

2020               Valence Movement Dance Theatre- Creation work

2020               Daina Ashbee-  J'ai pleuré avec les chiens Creation Residency Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON

                                                  Role Shadow Apprentice (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19)

2020               Handle with Care- Exhibit curated by Emilie Croning and Maria Kanellopoulos with artists; Dainesha Nugent-Palache , 

                                                         Adrienne Elise Tarver , Camille Rojas and Danielle Smith

2020               This Mortal Medical Body- Choreographer Candice Irwin

2020               Artist Residency- Stoneboat space support of QuoteUnquote Collective 

2020               Solo 'Land of Many Waters'- Creative process funded by OAC with mentorship/dramaturgy Karen Kaeja/Lee Su-Feh

2020               Lee Su-Feh (Battery Opera)- Creation at Dancemakers

2020               Pocoapoco Residency- Collaboration with Katie Plaizier

2020               Rhubard Festival- With percussionist Rajna Swaminathan

2019               Kinetic Halifax- Presenting solo work and Facilitation of BIPOC Incubation space

2019               Invisibilities Launch & publication- Melina Mehr 

2019               Canadian Opera Company- Production of Rusalka

2019               Nuit Blanche- Francesca Chudnoff Project 'Halcyon'

2019               New Mineral Collective- Collaborative Film for Toronto 2019 Biennial  

2019               Banff Residency- The Creative Gesture Composition and Dance

2019               Derives- Site specific Installation work with Noemie LaFrance

2019               Mocean Residency- Clear Forum Canning, NS

2019               Anda Residency-Exploration of the World Housing Crisis

2019               The Platform T.O.- Creative research residency

2018               Pocoapoco Residency- Oaxaca, Mexico

2018               Valence Movement Dance Theatre- Full length 'What Exists Here' 

2018               I/O Movement Residency- This is Our Place: The Bentway

2018               Andrea Pena & Artists- Kairos performance Festival Quartiers Danses

2018               bc/pa- Nuit Blanche 2018 Project 'Operations'

2018               Nowhere in Particular- Improvised performance with Live music

2018               Project Contrabête- Choreographer Kaitlyn Ramsden work titled BALLS

2018               Sketch Working Arts - Indie Studio Residency (6 week artist in residence)

2017               Jamee Valin- Company Dancer (Solo creation 'Soft Bones' for New Blue Dance Festival)

2017               Toy Guns Dance Theatre- Company Dancer

2017               Kaeja Dance - Porch View Dances and Allen Kaeja new creation 'I am the child of'

2017               Brendan Fernandes- Installation work titled Reverence

2017               Shay Kuebler- New Creation

2017               Lua Shayenne Dance Company- Company member

2016-2017      Avinom Silverman Dance Projects- Creation work 'Untitled'

2016               Les Grand Ballet Canadians- Nutcracker Production (Two seasons)

2016               QuoteUnquote Collective- Stoneboat artist retreat direction Amy Nostbaken and Nora Sadava

2016               The Performing Body- Human Body Expression (Direction Hanna Kiel with Bonnie Kim)

2015-2016      Jennifer Dallas- Creation/Exploratory work for new piece 'Liminal'

2015-2017      The Garage Collective- Collaborative Creation work with Toronto Choreographers

2015               Bill Coleman- Collaborative creation for Beats& Intensions Nuit Blanche (2015 piece)

2015               Opera Atelier- Direction Marshall Pynkoski and Jeanette Lajeunesse Singg

2014-2017      Hit&Run Production- Direction of Anisa Tejpar and Jennifer Nichols

2014-2015      Ballet Creole- Direction of Patrick Parson

2014-2015      Cadence Progressive Company- Direction Courtnae Bowman

2012-2014      Ballet Edmonton - Company member (Two seasons) Artistic Director Francois Chevennement

2012               James Gregg- Worked privately solo creation (As part of Le Jeune Ballet du Quebec)

2011               Ballet Ouest- Company member for The Nutcracker Production

2011               Danielle Agami- Installation entitled Sophia (As part of Springboard Dance Montreal)

2011               Springboard Dance Montreal -Ami Shulman (repertoire Marie Chouinard)

2009-2012      Le Jeune Ballet du Quebec- Company member


The National Ballet School of Canada

Ecole Supérieure De Ballet Contemporain - Post Secondary 

Re- Evaluation / Co-Counselling Facilitation - for BIPOC leadership and Liberation 

Polyvagal Certified - Through Embodied Philosophy theoretical course with Dr. Stephen Porges

Transformative Justice Training- With Naty Tremblay and Unit 2 

Cupping (TCM) Practitioner - Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Auricular Acupunturist (Acu-detox) 


                                          2022   Toronto Dance Theatre - Solo 'Sugar Mountain - Was the Sugar Sweet?' for Short and Sweet T.O. Edition

                                          2021   Guelph Dance Festival - Solo 'The Juicebox' 

                                          2020   Rhubarb Festival, Toronto, ON with Collaborator Rajna Swaminathan

                                          2019   Kinetic- Presenter Halifax, NS

                                          2019   Ontario Arts Council- Dance Project Grant

                                          2019   Toronto Community Love in- P.S. WE ARE ALL HERE series

                                          2019    Invisibilities Issue #2- 'Self Study #2' solo work

                                          2019    HotWire Performance Art series- Unit 2 'Self Study #2' solo work

                                          2019    Splitbill Program- With I/O Movement & WareHaus Collective Vancouver

                                          2019    Long Winter 2019 at Workman Arts - 'Land of Many Waters' Solo work

                                          2018    Native Earth Performing Arts Weesageechak Festival - 'Land of Many Waters' Solo work

                                          2018    This is Our Place: The Bentway through I/O Movement - 'Land of Many Waters' Solo work

                                          2018    FormCDT Prospects Showcase - 'Land of Many Waters'

                                          2018    New Blue Dance Festival - 'Land of Many Waters' Solo work

                                          2018    Sketch Working Arts- 'Land of Many Waters' Solo work

                                          2018    Buddies and Bad Times Theatre (OpenOpenOpen Festival)- 'Land of Many Waters' Solo work

                                          2014    Nuit Blanche (2014)- 'The Fragility of Life' (collaboration with musician Calvin Love& Poet Alexandra Babiak)

                                          2016    Long Winter- 'Fragility of Life' Performance

FILM & MUSIC VIDEO WORK - Inquire as needed


                                                                                           - For purchase on Shopify 

                                                                                           - Inquire for nature dye workshop facilitation 

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